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Pericles Funeral Speech Analysis Essay

Pericles Funeral Speech Analysis Essay Pericles’ funeral oration “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated”, the words with such a strong meaning can be used perfectly to inspire the audience. But what is more inspiring is the way Pericles delivered the speech in the Greek famous War. In the Peloponnesian war between Athens and Sparta, Pericles, Athens’ general and statesmen, delivered a powerfully comforting eulogy to the polis of Athens. This piece is a funeral oratory, a speech written to honor fallen Athenian heroes at the end of the first year of the Peloponnesian War while assuring the people that their city state is in good hands, and easing the pain of all the families and relatives of the deceased. At such a time of high emotions and patriotism, this oration is an example of Pericles’ brilliance with words. Pericles’ in fact used multiple methods in garnering support; since the “paragraphs” of the first half his speech are so highly organized, with one thought or idea moving clearly and substantially to the next, we will analize his speech part by part. The first theme, fitting in that the speech was given at a funeral for war heroes, is that the most valiant way a man can live and die is in service of freedom and his city â€" in this case Athens. As was customary at the end of each summer, the governor of Athens gave a public funeral oration to honor those who had died in battle. In the case of Governor Pericles â€" whose power depended on the will of the peopleâ€" and given that the war promised to escalate beyond what anyone had anticipated, he used the public event as an opportunity to pull the population of Athens together and rouse support. Pericles then continues to his central theme, extolling the uniqueness and virtue of Athens and its system of government: democracy. Pericles describes Athenian democracy as a system of government where men advance on merit rather than on class or wealth. Pericles glorifies the “equal justice to all” under the law that all men of Athens share and glorifies their superiority over their peer poleis. Pericles’ funeral oration summary Indeed, a worthy summation of Pericles’s oration is that it is a count of the “points in which [Athens] is worthy of admiration”. In spite of his often jingoistic faith in Athens, Pericles is indeed right in assuming that “the admiration of the present and succeeding ages will be [Athens’s]”. Even today we view this ancient city as the birthplace of the values of equality and democracy that we center our government upon. Since the analysis also considers the efficacy of the speech, there is a neo-Aristotelian or classical element to the underlying approach. Though the speech itself fits the broad definition of “ceremonial oratory,” the method of analysis is generative first and foremost, with no consideration given to epideictic models or methods. It is clear that Pericles views democracy as the best form of government and having adopted it, he views Athens as superior to their fellow city states. In fact, Pericles sees Athens as having the ultimate possible government; the one best conducive to freedom, liberty, courage, honor, and justice â€" the values most honored by the Athenians. Pericles extolls several of the virtues of Athens, most of them centered on the then-unique form of democracy. In a statement full of patriotism, Pericles proclaims: “We cultivate refinement without extravagance and knowledge without effeminacy; wealth we employ more for use than for show, and place the real disgrace of poverty not in owning to the fact but in declining the struggle against it.” That he could so effectively move from appeals to the audience’s sense of pride, comfort, and patriotism to an outright call to war proved curious. The methods he used to do so seem worthy of examination since citizens of more modern representative democracies should understand how their leaders manipulate (or to use a less negative term, “encourage”) them to take certain actions. Governor Pericles’ speech, captured by the Athenian historian General Thucydides and known as “The Funeral Oration,” serves as a model for how a leader in an executive role may raise the spirit of his or her people during a time of crisis. Beloved by historians, it offers a glimpse into a pivotal moment in ancient Greek history. Pericles’ speech offers a sort of road-map not only to determine how to construct such a speech, but for the audience to understand the appeals presented before them. The ability to move from patriotic appeals to a call for sacrifice, or of arms, should be understood by the audience of any representative democracy in order that they may rationally manage their own destinies and that of their nation. Pericles succeeded in it and garnered massive support for a war that was not going well and already appeared may drag on longer than anticipated, requiring great loss of blood, treasure, and the sacrifice of daily comfort at home. The “Funeral Oration” of Pericles stands as one of the great speeches of Western history. The people of our nation need to be grateful that they are even a part of a country that’s so superior, that it’s worth dying for.

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The Truths About Preschool And Kindergarten - 1704 Words

The Truths About Preschool And Kindergarten In America and How it is Benefiting Our Kids Introduction In my research essay I will be researching and talking about the early childhood education in America. In addition to that I will talk about the benefits it is having on our children from what I have learned from my sources, and how teachers of early education are being equipped to handle these classrooms. I will mainly be focusing on pre-K through kindergarten. I have had many volunteer jobs at day camps with this age group, and I have worked at a childcare center with programing, so that has influenced my decision to research this topic. It†¦show more content†¦History of Early Childhood Education in America The beginning of early childhood education began in the early 1800s by a European mother who educated children outside of their homes. The idea of early schooling in America came during the time of the industrial revolution. Preschools and daycares started popping up in churches, and people’s homes. During this time both parents began working and this became a necessity for the parents be able to work. In one of the article â€Å"History of Early Childhood Education† I found in my research Sarah Lipoff says â€Å"The idea came to America during the Industrial Revolution with â€Å"infant schools† set up in churches, factories, and private homes to care for the young while parents were working. The state of Wisconsin created constitutional amendments to include committees dedicated to free education of children aged four to twenty in 1848 and then later, in 1873, started the first four year old kindergarten program.† (Lipoff, 2011). Wisconsin began a trend that would later spread to all the states, and be the beginning of early education in America. After Wisconsin more states followed their lead in early education programs across America. Daycare centers, and preschools began spread across the country, and â€Å"In 1926, the National Association for the Education of Young Children

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Poverty Inequality Of The United States - 1984 Words

Since the early 1980s in the United States, there has been a big push advocating for tax cuts benefitting the wealthiest Americans at the expense of investing in education, infrastructure, child care, and income supports that would help raise well-off children to be productive adults. As a result of this, the gap between the rich and the poor has grown wider, making the wealthy more willing to sacrifice overall economic growth in exchange for the larger share of money that they are getting for themselves. This has led to severe income, racial, and poverty inequality in the United States and creates an inequality trap because as the rich get wealthier, they favor policies that earn them more money and power at the expense of the low-income workers education and well-being. One cause of income inequality is the real value of the minimum wage has decreased 32% since 1968, it was $10.71 in 1968 and now it is $7.25. This weakens economic stability because a dollar bought nearly 7 times the amount of goods in 1968 than today, leading to inequality, poverty, and forcing Americans to rely on government assistance. Companies can raise their prices a little to offset an increase in wages without consumers responding, shown in the Fried Haddock Dinner effect. Americans against raising the minimum wage need to understand that they are already subsidizing these low-income workers by paying for the social safety net they rely on, so they might as well transfer that money to pay them anShow MoreRelatedPoverty Inequality : The United States1040 Words   |  5 PagesPoverty is one of the greatest problems in the United States today. Poverty is the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; a condition of being poor.Many people, espec ially African Americans and children, live in poverty. People in poverty are left to face different social, cultural, physical and mental challenges.The American Dream is to have a well paying job and to be comfortable, but most Americans are forced to live a life of poverty. Although the UnitedRead MorePoverty And Inequality Between The United States Of America And India Essay2035 Words   |  9 Pagesthe key differences in poverty and inequality between the United States of America and India. We chose these two countries to analyze as inequality and poverty are difficult to compare and contrast on a global scale between all 196 countries. India and USA are also similar at key fundamental levels. We will compare the USA and India across eight key areas in order to come to a conclusion on the driving factors that have created the clear disparities in inequality and poverty between the two countriesRead MoreAlex de Tocquevilles Teachings on Inequality and Poverty in the United State s2368 Words   |  10 Pagescommon level, and he will form some inequality somewhere to his own profit.† Through the ages, income inequality has caused class conflict, created political systems (communism), and has simultaneously promoted vast increases in wealth and technological advances. The purpose of this paper is to research and examine the benefits and detriments, or pros and cons, of income inequality and to then render my opinion regarding my findings. Because income inequality is vast in nature, this paper willRead MoreMicroeconomics : Income And The United States1702 Words   |  7 PagesMicroeconomics: Income Inequity in the United States No matter which country you would look into whether it’s from wealthier to those less wealthy countries through the eyes of economics, there are bound to be types of inequity within their borders. Inequity is a very crucial problem in the United States, you would think that our economy here in the states is booming, and the citizens are living life easy or without worry. Life is the United States isn’t as it seems, in fact, Inequity is in factRead MoreThe Issue Of Income Inequality Essay1496 Words   |  6 Pagesof the most deeply divisive issues in the United States is the question of income inequality: whether it exists and whether we are obliged to address it. The â€Å"American Dream† ideology which permeates most aspects of our daily life, influences an automatic response to income inequality to be that those at the bottom are not working hard enough and that those at the top have earned their wealth through hard work. These perceptions of poverty and ineq uality limit productive conversation that can leadRead MoreIs Inequity A Big Problem? The United States?1714 Words   |  7 Pagesof inequity within their borders. Inequity is a very crucial problem in the United States, you would think that our economy here in the states is booming, and the citizens are living life easy or without worry. Life is the United States isn’t as it seems, in fact, Inequity is in fact a big problem even in the United States. Over the years, there has been millions of Americans that were considered to be in poor or in poverty line that are not able to provide for themselves and their families. We canRead MoreAnalysis Of The Article The American Ideal 964 Words   |  4 Pagesconstitution, the United States has not lived up to the ideal of equality. Economic inequality has surged into a greater issue over the past several years. Gender inequality is something that has began to reduce in the US ever since the 1900s. Even though big changes have been made, gender inequality stills exists in the workplace due to many reasons. Furthermore, ever since colonial times, racism has been a prodigious problem in the United States . Examples of racial inequality includes poverty and educationRead MorePublic Economics1471 Words   |  6 Pagesrespect to inequality and poverty how does Ireland compare to other Western industrialized countries? | Padraig Mc Govern | | 08604070 | 3/9/2012 | Lecturer: Professor Eamon O Shea Course code: 4BCM1 Introduction The following essay will compare Ireland with respect to inequality and poverty to the United States and the United Kingdom. I will use the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in order to analyse their position in the world’s economy; identify how to measure poverty; the mainRead MorePublic Economics1463 Words   |  6 Pagesrespect to inequality and poverty how does Ireland compare to other Western industrialized countries? | Padraig Mc Govern | | 08604070 | 3/9/2012 | Lecturer: Professor Eamon O Shea Course code: 4BCM1 Introduction The following essay will compare Ireland with respect to inequality and poverty to the United States and the United Kingdom. I will use the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in order to analyse their position in the world’s economy; identify how to measure poverty; the main reasonsRead MoreThe Effects of Wealth Inequality in the U.S.1484 Words   |  6 PagesAnthony Giovenco Political Science Inequality Paper 12-18-14 The Effects of Wealth Inequality in the United States Wealth inequality in the United States has grown tremendously since 1970. The United States continuously reveals higher rates of inequality as a result of perpetual support for free market capitalism. The high rates of wealth inequality cause the growing financial crisis to persist, lower socio-economic mobility, increase national poverty, and have adverse effects on health and

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Economy in the century Free Essays

This would eventually spur conflict, but it also proved well for the English. New power was thrust upon the country, and the English were in need of funds, quickly. Luckily, during the dawn of the English empire, a new land (with new economic opportunities) needed colonization. We will write a custom essay sample on Economy in the century or any similar topic only for you Order Now The new world was an expected source of income for citizens of the UK and the Crown itself. From 1550 to 1600, the population of England exploded. This â€Å"surplus population† led to a severe economic depression, partly because of farmers enclosing’ croplands for sheep grazing, which forced many small farmers off of their properties. The depression hit the woolen industry, and thousands of farmers took to the streets and ended up unemployed and penniless. Immigration allowed for a new start, so the potential colonists thought. The practice of primogeniture also contributed to the homeless problem. This allowed for the eldest sons to inherit the entire estate, and it left other sons and daughters without land or money. The idea of new economic flow and land enticed many of these people, as well as a thirst for adventure and religious freedom. The country of England itself was enamored with the idea of the introduction of new crops that they were unable to grow in their own farms. Many small investors also appeared, hoping to liquidate their companies quickly and make profit. However, this didn’t always work. In addition, England expected to benefit in being a â€Å"parent nation† for a new settlement. Eventually, the institution of slavery would also prove profitable. England expected a trade hub to come from these new colonies, and this proved true. A charter was settled, namely the charter of the Virginia Company, and Immigration began. This was a smart choice for King James – a charter was a very low cost for what appeared to only prove beneficial. These new settlements were going to be a source of economic gain. This would eventually prove false (at least, In the beginning) however, In the moment It was very plausible. When the settlers arrived, many didn’t find the lands that they had expected to. Many died, many became Ill, and there was many attacks from local Native American tribes. Most settlers already had passed away from new diseases and malnutrition, especially because the new colonists searched for gold Instead of food. There was a war against the Phaeton tribe, and It left 347 settlers dead, Including the famed John Role. These wars continued and died and eventually, the Photostats fell to disease, disorientation, and disposable. After separate states evolved, trades began. The Columbian exchange proved to be a major part of both the Crown’s and America’s economy. Tobacco, rice, and many other crops flourished and were quickly absorbed by England, and this created a sizeable profit for the country. Therefore, both the Crown and the settlers had expected that America was going to be a profitable endeavor, and to a certain extent, It was. All the settlers were eventually comfortable with the same rights as Englishmen, and the Crown had profited In trade and a healthy decrease from a surplus population. I believe a strong case can be made for the economic ebb and flow of England and the America and hat the new country was an expected source of Income for both colleens and the Crown. PUSH – Economy in the 15th century By Koala-Ann Verona and the Crown itself. From 1 550 to 1600, the population of England exploded. This â€Å"enclosing† croplands for sheep grazing, which forced many small farmers off of their the charter of the Virginia Company, and immigration began. This was a smart choice would eventually prove false (at least, in the beginning) however, in the moment it had expected to. Many died, many became ill, and there was many attacks from local ND malnutrition, especially because the new colonists searched for gold instead of food. There was a war against the Phaeton tribe, and it left 347 settlers dead, including the famed John Role. These wars continued and died and eventually, the Photostats fell to disease, disorientation, and disability. After separate states going to be a profitable endeavor, and to a certain extent, it was. All the settlers were profited in trade and a healthy decrease from a surplus population. I believe a strong that the new country was an expected source of income for both citizens and the How to cite Economy in the century, Papers

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Search Engine Results Page Where Are Your Customers Looking

by Sienna Luard A recent Google eye-tracking study released in September 2014 by digital marketing company Mediative has shown how much search behavior has changed in the past decade. The study, â€Å"The Evolution of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages and Their Effects on User Behaviour† shows several significant changes in how Internet users look at and interact with search engine results pages (SERPs). The participants in the study were given numerous search tasks to complete on a desktop computer and the results were compared with a similar survey done in 2005. The Golden Triangle of 2005 The 2005 study by Enquiro, entitled â€Å"Google Eye Tracking Report: How Searchers See and Click on Google Search Results† showed how people typically searched in a â€Å"triangle† pattern, starting at the top left of the search results page, scanning across horizontally, and then moving down to the second organic listing and reading horizontally, but not quite as far. The area was coined as Google’s â€Å"Golden Triangle.† The golden triangle heat map image showing how people looked at an Internet page had a major impact on website design and search engine marketing for years to come. Most marketers would position their most valuable content in the golden triangle on their own websites, and aim to get their content featured in SERPs within this prime location. The Results of the 2014 Study – There is more vertical scanning. As searchers use mobile devices more than ever before to search the Internet, their scanning behavior has changed. It’s now more common for searchers to scan vertically, as they look for the quickest route to find information. In the 2014 study, this tendency to scan vertically in an â€Å"I† pattern on mobile devices is so ingrained in users, they still scan the SERPs in this way, even on desktops. – The top organic search results still get the most clicks. Despite the increased amount of marked-up content at the top of Google’s search results page, 32.8 percent of users still click on the first organic listing, getting more clicks than any other page element. The Knowledge Graph, carousel, and paid ads still get attention, but organic results still triumph. – SERP positions two through four get more clicks than in 2005. This is good news for businesses that are fighting for attention under position number one. You should still aim to get onto page one in the SERPS; the Mediative study found that only around one percent of all clicks occurred on page two. – The right rail sponsored ads are doing a lot worse. While the top three ads at the top of the page are still doing well, clicks on ads on the right of the page have fallen from 3.16 to 0.7 percent. This supports the fact that people are looking at SERPs in a more vertical fashion. – People are viewing more search results listings, but spending less time looking at each one. In 2005, searchers looked at each listing for two seconds. That figure is now 1.17 seconds, so your listing may get less attention in terms of time, but at least it is more likely to be seen. How Can You Respond to These Changes? The fundamentals of SEO are as important as ever. Creating unique content that caters to the needs of your audience should still be your number one priority. A diverse mix of relevant keywords positioned throughout your web pages and within page titles, headlines, and meta descriptions is still key to boosting your search rankings for your prime content. Getting involved with authoritative directories, review sites, and social media is also crucial. Using schema markup is still one of the most effective ways to get noticed in SERPs. It helps search engines understand your website’s content, and will help your content stand out in search results, as rich snippets such as product reviews, prices, and images can appear alongside each listing. Rich snippets have been shown to dramatically increase click-through rates, and may also increase your search rankings. The Bottom Line The best way forward is still to focus on delivering content that your target audience is searching for online. Through a combination of SEO and paid search, you can maximize your visibility in SERPs. While paid listings may not necessarily have higher click-through rates, people still see your listing and this boosts brand visibility in the long run, which can increase the credibility of your organic listings. Making each listing stand out on the search results page has never been more important, with only half the time to convince users to click on your link. Titles and meta descriptions, Google Local Listings, and rich snippets will improve the visibility and perceived relevance of your content. Keep these factors in mind and you can make sure your customers see you before anyone else.

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Why Expertise Should Be Your Priority in Creating Online Content

Why Expertise Should Be Your Priority in Creating Online Content Whether you are marketing a business, a brand, a website or yourself, creating and providing online content across several forms of media comes with its own slippery slopes. It doesnt take much to realize the inherent problems that are part of such public and easy publishing. In fact, all one has to do is consider the scandals of celebrity Twitter account holders to see the extent of damage that can come of providing the wrong content; and the professional consequences of posting content that is awkward, misinterpreted or otherwise harmful to ones reputation.For this reason, particularly if you are building your personal brand, using expertise as a guide for online content publishing is essential if you want to do it the right way and be successful at it. If you are publishing online content for the sake of building a business or attracting website traffic, providing meaningful content not only gives your website legitimacy- it also helps potential clients or customers know that you do a good job at providing the services you sell. This type of reputation-building behavior is important and stands in contrast to the aforementioned celebrity Twitterers, who undermined their professional reputation with online content instead of building it.What is content marketing?Content marketing is the term used for published content that provides information to an audience, particularly an audience made up of potential clients or customers. When you create content marketing, your goal should be to provide value to your audience- either through giving them useful information relevant to your line of work or assisting them by answering questions they might have. In answering questions, you are showing yourself to be an expert, and your audience will consider that online content to be an extension or picture of the quality of the services or products you provide. In other words: its a good thing to answer questions and provide meaningful expertise in your specific area- but onl y if those answers and bits of expertise are correct, so fact checking is important!Providing expertise or answering questions builds value for your site, your company and your personal brand. Value is, in many ways, a perception, so it is essential that the perception of value online audiences glean from your content is positive. When your readers see it as useless information, or information that has just been reworded and rehashed from other sources available online (that may or may not be correct), your content will quickly lose value. The result of that is your online presence loses value, as well.So what about readability and watering down content?One of the worst things you can do in providing online content is attempting to make it readable for everyone. In doing so, you end up watering down the content, or making it less than what it could be for the sake of attracting what is hoped to be a mass audience. While the intention is a good one, it can end up destroying your cont ents perceived value, since those who are seeking detailed expertise will be unable to find it in your content. If you provide advice that is readily found anywhere on the internet, your potential audience and potential customers are likely to move their business elsewhere, since there is nothing separating your company or services from hundreds of others that are available.Your experience speaks volumesSo how do you avoid providing content that looks like everyone elses? Simple. Use your experiences as a springboard for showing your expertise. Many businesses hire copywriters to rehash already-published content just to provide keyword-rich content, but few insist on providing the source information. Why is this? Much of it has to do with not being involved enough in the content being published. Without this involvement, the content provided on a website is only as good as the copywriters knowledge base and source material. It does not reflect the expertise of the person or company attempting to build its image and brand through the content, and could end up backfiring when unchecked or incorrect information gets posted. The way to avoid this is absolute involvement in the content you are publishing under your name or under the name of your business. You wouldnt allow a stranger to write your personal mail and memos; dont let a stranger write your online content unless you are highly involved in the process and can provide source material for the writer.Heres an example: An attorney who wishes to grow her clientele hires a copywriter to create informative content regarding her subject area of practice on her websites blog. Since she practices in the area of Will and Estate Law, she tells the copywriter to write content that focuses on the different terminology and what it means. She notices after a while that her website is not drawing nearly as much traffic as shed hoped.What should she do differently?First, she should realize that content that simply defines terms is content that is available online in copious amounts. A search for definition or a general description is likely to pull up hundreds of websites before it pulls up hers, so its value is slight, if there is any value to it at all.Second, she should reframe her content to provide examples of her work with each of these types of cases or legal arrangements. She could include a quick definition within her description for simple SEO keyword purposes, but the bulk of the content should be focused on unique experience and expertise in the field- hers.Finally, she should welcome questions from her websites visitors, and post the answers to those questions as part of the content she provides. This not only solidifies her as an expert in the business- it also fills the website with useful, relevant content that makes visitors feel like their time reading her website and blog has not been wasted. A potential client looking for an attorney in Will and Estate Law will see this particula r attorney as someone who knows what she is talking about and is willing to go that extra mile to help her clients and answer their questions. They will see her as such because of the content she provided.

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Standard Conditions Versus Standard State

Standard Conditions Versus Standard State Standard conditions, or STP, and standard state both are used in scientific calculations, but they dont always mean the same thing. Key Takeaways: Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP) vs Standard State Both STP and standard state conditions are commonly used for scientific calculations.STP stands for Standard Temperature and Pressure. It is defined to be  273 K (0 degrees Celsius) and 1 atm pressure (or 105  Pa).The definition of standard state conditions specifies 1 atm of pressure, that liquids and gases be pure, and that solutions be at 1 M concentration. Temperature is not specified, although most tables compile data at  25 degrees C (298 K).STP is used for calculations involving gases that approximate ideal gases.Standard conditions are used for any thermodynamic calculation.Values cited for STP and standard conditions are based on ideal conditions, so they may deviate slightly from experimental values. STP is short for Standard Temperature and Pressure, which is defined to be 273 K (0 degrees Celsius) and 1 atm pressure (or 105 Pa). STP describes standard conditions and is often used for measuring gas density and volume using the Ideal Gas Law. Here, 1 mole of an ideal gas occupies 22.4 L. An older definition used atmospheres for pressure, while modern calculations are for pascals. Standard state conditions are used for thermodynamic calculations. Several conditions are specified for the standard state: The standard state temperature is 25 degrees C (298 K). Note that temperature is not specified for standard state conditions, but most tables are compiled for this temperature.All gases are at 1 atm pressure.All liquids and gases are pure.All solutions are at 1M concentration.The energy of formation of an element in its normal state is defined as zero. Standard state calculations may be performed at another temperature, most commonly 273 K (0 degrees Celsius), so standard state calculations may be performed at STP. However, unless specified, assume standard state refers to the higher temperature. Standard Conditions Versus STP Both STP and standard state specify a gas pressure of 1 atmosphere. However, the standard state isnt usually at the same temperature as STP. The standard state also includes several additional restrictions. STP, SATP, and NTP While STP is useful for calculations, its not practical for most lab experiments because they arent usually conducted at  0 degrees C. SATP may be used, which means Standard Ambient Temperature and Pressure. SATP is at 25 degrees C (298.15 K) and 101 kPa (essentially 1 atmosphere, 0.997 atm). Another standard is NTP, which stands for Normal Temperature and Pressure. This is defined for air at  20 degrees C (293.15 K, 68 degrees F) and 1 atm. There is also ISA, or International Standard Atmosphere, which is  101.325 kPa, 15 degrees C and 0 percent humidity, and ICAO Standard Atmosphere, which is atmospheric pressure of 760 mm Hg and a temperature of  5 degrees C (288.15 K or 59 degrees F). Which One to Use? Usually, the standard you use is either the one for which you can find data, the one closest to your actual conditions or the one required for a specific discipline. Remember, the standards are close to actual values, but wont exactly match real conditions.